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Author Sandra-Jo Matusky brings to life a world filled with magic and adventure. Take part in a tale born from a dream.

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Queen Crystal and The Land is finally available for download at amazon.com. The original story shows all chapter images in color just as you see them in my website. If you would like to continue Crystal's tale, link to the Bringer of Balance website and download your free copy of Book Two. Click the link below and start reading Book One ~ Queen Crystal and The Land.

The story began as a dream

Author's Note:

From the unconscious to our world   Born from visions scattered within the unconscious, the story of Queen Crystal and The Land revealed itself to me in a dream. This amazing tale would not have come into our conscious world if it had not been for my background with dream images.  While attending the University of South Florida and working toward my Fine Arts degree, I entered my third studio course in painting. I worked independently. Since I had been fascinated with the surrealist movement, I decided to depict dream images in my paintings. To do so I began sketching past dream images merged with current ones. My journal quickly filled with detailed images. The more I recorded my dreams, the more I remembered them.  I had always observed daily life around me: color, details, people and their reactions to situations, but then I began doing the same in my unconscious state. My dreams went beyond serving as images for me - I began taking part in them and solving problems that I did not have time for during the day.  “Can you hand me the sandpaper?” I called out in middle of the night. My husband was confused. He did not realize I was creating something during one of my dreams.  Often I was myself while dreaming, but at times I was a man, a different woman, and on one occasion, a bird. It became apparent that I was more involved in my dream state than I had ever been in my daily life. I began seeing through the eyes of numerous beings while taking part in their lives. After my studio class, I kept recording my dreams: noting the lessons I learned and writing about the people I had met or had spent time as.  Ten years after I pursued my dreams for the purpose of art I woke with the amazing tale of Crystal Elderbee’s young life still fresh in my mind. I realized that what I had experienced in my sleep could not drift from my mind, or it would be lost to this world. I wrote down the entire dream that is now the first chapter of The Land. On March 2nd, 1996 the birth of this fantasy captured me in a dream and it has been my pleasure to continue Crystal's tale for everyone to enjoy. 

The Land Series

Book One - The Land

Join Crystal on her journey to become Queen of The Land. Read reviews, view illustrations, and see photographs that influenced scenes in the series. Learn much more by visiting 


Book Two - Bringer of Balance

Queen Crystal and King Riley begin a difficult quest to unite humanity in the hopes of stopping the Protectors plague. Full Review at Amazon.com 


Book Three - Prince Orielle and the Wyvern War

The newest series follows young Prince Orielle. Trapped with the Icemen of Sassalan, our hero struggles to find his way home to The Land. Available on-line at Amazon.com 

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Welcome to my opening site. For more information there is a new link posting numerous sketches and photos. Visit queencrystal.net to read reviews, view more illustrations, learn about the author, and see the photographs which helped inspire many scenes in The Land. A small number of illustrations are embedded in the series, but a wide range were created to help me visualize the story. Besides writing the story as I see it in my mind, my sketches help pave the way to a more accurate representation of each adventure. There are no high polished photographic images, merely depictions of a single moment snipped from the pages of The Land. Please visit the Bringer of Balance website. There are numerous sketches added to the site that were never used in Book two. If you have any questions be sure to leave a message below. I hope you enjoy visiting Queen Crystal and The Land.

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